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Acne is the most common skin disorder. The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) analysis, More than 10% of Americans age 25 – 44 have acne.  Over 85% Americans age 12 – 25 will have acne at one time or the other.

Acne is not only common in the United States. This infection influencing approximately 40 to 50 million people annually. The case is explained as a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is occurs in a amount of several forms. Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and also cysts or nodules are common forms of acne, and it is a complex condition that concerns various parts of the body even though it appear as only eruptions on the face and your skin.

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How does acne develop?

Increased production of body oil during puberty often lead to acne, which consists of eruption on the skin, especially the face. A skin eruption is caused when a hair follicle, the cavity containing the root of a hair, is blocked. Layers of dead cells combine with body oil and bacteria to plug the hair follicle. When a plugged follicle is exposed to the air, is darkens because of the melanin in it. The result is a Blackhead. A plugged follicles can also become inflamed, causing a pimple.

Common Symptoms of acne

The common symptoms of acne are, red spots on the skin known as pimples. The pimples get inflamed and get filled with pus. The pimples generally occur on the face, shoulders, chest, neck, or top part of the backside. Some other symptoms have dark dots, patches and spots which are called blackheads, bulged spots under the skin without openings, which are known as whiteheads, and red swellings or lumps filled with pus, which are called as pustules. The pustules can develop by blackheads or whiteheads. Irritated fluid-filled lumps under the skin called cysts are also a symptom of acne. These cysts can be as large as an inch around.

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