Eight causes You Should Know about Acne


Acne is a wide-spread skin disorder that affects the majority of us.  More than ninety percent in the world’s today population are suffering by it, no matter infants, teens and adults.  But however acne is a known skin condition, the actual cause of its occurrence remains unknown, but generally there are a few important factors that considered about acne.

Important Causes of acne

1. Hormones Affect

causes of acneSome studies show, that some specific hormones known as androgens cause the development of acne because they enlarge the sebaceous glands in the skin.  They then trigger the oil-producing glands to raise sebum or oil production, which after that leads to the creation of plugs and provided as extra food for the acne-driving bacteria.  These types of hormones are in fact present in both males and females, and generally surge at puberty. This point will show you how come teenagers armpit and pubic hair, and how come boys develop hair on face and deep voices, besides why acne forms.

Estrogens, the female’s hormones, also playing a significant part of acne specifically in girls. This is in fact common with women as throughout the menstrual period or the moment you begin or quit taking birth control medicine. However, there are little cases nowadays which keep that specific birth control pills are required for curing acne.  Now, what ever the case probably, hormonal change is but a practicable contribute to of acne.

2. Stress

Stress- Causes of acneMany studies also observed that stress may be a possible reason of acne. Most researchers and medical experts actually have mentioned that stress is the chance to improve acne and also other skin disorders though there isn’t any solid facts that intended to guide this case.

3. Genetic factors

genetic- causes of acneGenetic factors also affect in the occurrence of acne.  There are some probability of acne formation because some studies observed that you probably have parents or relatives with bad acne. There is sometimes a much opportunity that you can get acne and may be affected from it as well.  Acne is genetic that you can’t handling it from coming.  It is primarily with this cause that genetics is viewed as the most possible cause of acne.

4. Diet

diet- causes of acneDiet is important factors when discussing causes of acne. People who consume a many oily food are affected from this condition. Considering oil foods increased higher oil in the body. The glands in the skin secrete higher level of oil that block out the hair follicles by integrating naturally with the dead skin cells.

Skim milk appears to get a significant contributing thing. The majority believe that chocolate, dark soft drinks and greasy food products will create acne outbreaks. There isn’t record evidence helping all of those beliefs. Consuming alcohol and smoking would simply make you a dull and dry out skin but acne break-out as perfectly. Also, absence of activity/exercise and poor diet plan may always provoke to the increase of pimples, blackheads and varied kinds of acne. If you’ve lower levels of Vitamin E and Vitamin A in your body, it may be time to consider these kind of vitamins found in fruits, vegetables and capsules. A variety of food allergies have strong chance to cause the outbreaks of acne.

5. Environmental factors

Some environmental factors which can considered chance of acne. One of many suitable environmental triggers of acne is huge humidity that effect to swelling of your skin.  Also consisted of in the environmental factors behind acne are the cosmetic makeup products you apply most importantly some moisturizers\skin lotions, foundation and pomades.  Petroleum oils can also be factor that causes the prevalence and development of acne.  And then, the pressure by headbands and chin straps are considered possible causes of acne.   Some possible causal factors just like skin rubbing, skin picking and squeezing, pollution, high humidity, and skin scrubbing may also result in the development and occurrence of acne.

6. Industrial environment

industrial -causes of acneChlorinated industrial chemical substances are one more possible reason. Being employed in particular kind of industrial situations can cause acne-like symptoms or even chloracne – a job-related skin disorder caused by continuous exposure to chemicals, for example, chlorinated dioxins.

7. Medicine affect

Particular medicines can trigger acne. These kinds of medications consist of anabolic steroids, rifampin, lithium, anti-tuberculosis drugs and isoniazid, anti-epileptic drugs and medications that include iodine. Iodized table salt and kelp (high in iodine) leading to acne breakouts.

8. Narrowing hair follicles

Regarding causes of acne, Recent research of acne have identified narrowing hair follicles is another reason of acne. These narrower hair follicles can minimize dead skin cells from getting removed from the pore. These stuck skin cells then combine with sebum and bacteria on the skin to develop the acne lesions. Many distinct situations that can trigger the narrowing of the hair follicle, high shedding of cells within the follicle, abnormal cell binding and water retention.


Understanding that no special cause of acne is identified. Probably the ideal focus for you to consider then is to get the correct treatment that may support to reduce and get rid of your skin condition to certain level.  Consult your doctor for a recommendation.





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