Components of physical fitness

Important Components of physical fitness you should know

 The three main Components of physical fitness are strength, suppleness, and stamina. This components must be present for anyone to be completely fit. Exercise is essential for fitness at any stage, but it’s especially important for young people. All of these young people would seem in the beginning to get physical fit.

Main Components of physical fitness


Strength is basic muscular force required for movement. We all need strength for ordinary activities. You choose strength to push a lawnmower, to handle grocery bags, to lift things.

Components of physical fitness - push upThe fastest and most direct method of enhancing strength is through weight training, a form of isotonic exercise. Isotonic exercises develop strength by repeated movement by using weights. For instance push ups, pull ups, and sit ups are also isotonic exercises which involve weight training exercise. The weight is your own body.

Isometric exercises, on the other hand, involve little movement. In isometric exercises you push or pull against an unmoving object. You utilize muscle tension to build strength. Pushing against a tension bar is an isometric exercise. If you clasp your hands in front of you and full, you’re doing isometric exercise. Such exercises add strength to individual muscles but don’t optimize your whole body.

Most fitness experts highly recommend isotonic exercises because they do more to your whole body than isometric exercises. Athletes generally do isotonic exercises for general conditioning.


Components of physical fitness - SupplenessSuppleness is a second components of physical fitness .Suppleness or flexibility is the quality of muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments that permits your joints a full range of movement. You can improve suppleness by doing and stretching exercises. By keeping supple, you reduce the risk of injury. As people get older, they tend to lose flexibility. Their joints get stiff. Some lose flexibility is inevitable with aging. But regular exercises will slow this aging process.



Suppleness - staminaStamina is a third components of physical fitness or endurance. It is the quality that enables you to use energy to keep up movements over a long period of time. You build stamina by doing regular, sustained exercises of the whole body. In stamina workouts, you use the large muscles and put the major joints through a wide range of motion. Excellent whole body exercises include running, bicycling, swimming and cross country skiing. You can also build stamina with weight training if you use light weight and repeat the exercise many time. Stamina builds reserves of strength. Once you begin to work out regularly to build stamina you will feel energetic. By spending energy, you actually build up energy reserves.

How to develop Components of physical fitness

Suppleness development

Do 10 to 15 minutes of stretching exercises. Hold stretched position for several seconds. Develop stretching time each stretch for 30 to 60 sec.

Strength development

Do several sit-ups, breath normally, don’t do over . Then do several push-ups, breath normally and don’t strain yourself.

Stamina development

Firstly start walk, gradually work up to point where you can walk briskly for one hour without stopping. When you are able to walk 1 hour you can begin different aerobic activity like, running, bicycling, swimming and jumping with matching your category. Always begin any aerobic activity by warming up for 5 to 10 minutes. Cool down the same manner.

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