Ear Gauges, an Emerging Trend

Ear Gauges

Ear stretching is also known as ear gauging. It is increasingly becoming a common sight on the street in the recent years. Ear stretching entails a process where a healed piercing is enlarged slowly using progressively larger pieces of jewelry. Gauging takes time and should be done at a slower pace and patiently to avoid tearing the earlobe. Once the piercing has been stretched to the point you desire, you can now wear wide ear gauge in the enlarged hole.

But why has wearing ear gauges started to appeal more and more people? It has become more mainstream in the recent past, and people have become more attracted to it because they see it on celebrities and the catwalks. While some have wanted to make it discreet, others reason is to make a statement. Ear stretching is associated with certain subcultures and social cliques. This body modification is a linked to a contemporary lifestyle choice and fashion. Punk, emo musicians, and their fans, for instance, are more likely to wear ear gauges.

For the majority of the people, there is an “ouch” factor when they see a person with an earlobe stretch. However, for those that have it done, it is considered a thing of beauty. Based on people’s account, as with tattoos, there has been extensive evidence that ear gauging is on the rise especially in the Western countries. More people are wearing ear gauges resulting to a wide variety of jewelry which one can choose from.

There are a number of ways to stretch ear lobes. One of them is gradually stretching the skin using tapers of different sizes. For those who prefer an immediate result, there is dermal punching. It works like a hole punch creating an instant gap. Experts advise people to take a gradual approach, usually about a millimeter increase after every four weeks. Applying too much pressure can squeeze flesh from the inside to the outside of the lobe. This leaves one with an unpleasant look. They are also cautioned that if the skin does not stretch uniformly, they should not force it. Stretching the skin too fast is painful and results in non-uniformity in stretching the skin.

A stretched ear lobe can reach a point of no return. The gage can shrink back to its original size; however, this depends on various factors including the duration of time taken to stretch and the elasticity of the ear lobe skin.

Today, tattoo parlors offer reworking and removals, so is ear stretching. People tend to embrace this practice in their teenage life, but when they get older, they are required to correct it due to career purposes. There has been an increased demand among people who regret ear stretching. One of the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, says that one main danger with ear stretching is a deformity. He is used to seeing damaged lobes among people who have stretched their piercing due to big ear gauges. In the last few years, he has succeeded carrying out an operation on damaged earlobes.

These days it is impossible to find a girl without a tiny piercing in her ear. There is a higher chance that wearing ear gauges will have the same mass appeal in the near future.