Natural Organic Food

Don’t Be Fooled By Natural Organic Food

Natural organic food, Many Peoples are responsible for an attempt to eat foods that are free chemical compounds. Therefore they are purchasing foods that are labelled natural organic food. And they paying more than they would for similar foods without those labels.

What do the terms natural organic food?

Organic means that a food plant has been grown without pesticides or other synthetic chemicals. Including fertilizer. Natural means that a food product has been prepared without artificial additives or preservatives.

In fact, people who buy such foods may be receiving a lot more than they expected. They may be receiving the chemicals they are trying to avoid.

In the case of organic foods, Tests prove that plants grown without dangerous pesticides are still affected by them.

Some organically grown foods may contain a similar amount of pesticide residue as plant grown the standard ways. Most farmland now used to grow organic crops treated with pesticides. These chemicals remain in the soil for many years with contaminating subsequent crops.

natural organic food agricultural aircraftAlso, if nearby farmers are spraying their crops with pesticides, wind and rain can carry the chemicals to the fields of organic farmers. (Agricultural Aircraft) So that organic carrot which costs twice as much as regular carrot may have the same amount of pesticide.


Regarding natural foods, the term seems to mean whatever the manufacturer want it to mean. You can find many foods marked natural that fit the accepted definition. But much more common are food labelled natural that aren’t really natural at all.

Companies tricks for promote natural organic food

In their efforts to get on the natural food bandwagon. Companies have found various methods to claim their product is natural.

One way using the word natural to describe just one ingredient. So you may buy natural mango ice cream. Only to find that it contains artificial ingredients together with the natural mango flavor.

Another technique manufacturers use to mislead customers is to suggest rather than state that a product is natural organic food. Therefore they may use some type of the word natural in the trade name.  

  Ex- Nature’s finest.

Or they may put a back to nature drawing or photograph on the label along with a higher price tag.

Until the government sets official standards for Natural organic food. Then, the only way to be sure of what you are buying is to read the product label with care.Regarding foods that are supposed to be organic, chances are just as good that they’re not unless they have been certified by a laboratory. And the chances of that happening are pretty slim




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