Nature Anxiety management

How Nature Anxiety Management Is Going To Change Your Life


Nature Anxiety management recommends relation techniques, supportive behaviours and reassurance from family and friends, exercises and diet for management of anxiety. Regarding severe anxiety, counselling and also other treatment options from a mental health expert may be necessary. It is also essential to live in a congenial atmosphere with fresh air, sunshine, calm and quite location for relation and exercises and eat natural food. Above all there is a need to develop self-control that will you to remain calm in moments of tension and stress.

Nature Anxiety management Methods

 The only sure Nature Anxiety management technique to control anxiety is relax. Try to analyse the conditions or situations that cause anxiety and identify options or solutions. Adopt any option or solution that you simply believe is best suited to you. Try to create a positive attitude.

Basic Nature

Your basic nature is essential. Many people are simply weak and react crazily even for small conditions whereas a few other are mentally strong and grow cool during the hardest conditions. We are origin “fight or fight “reaction and respond according to whichever feature is much more dominant.


Nature Anxiety management  Support from friends and family may provide temporary relief however it cannot prevent or cure anxiety. Seek their help identify solution and implement them. Their support will help you to build activities that interest you and help you direct your body and mind in gainful ways.

Physical measures

 Treatment methods with air, water, mud and exercises, especially yoga, are work well for developing positive attitude and for relaxation


 Exercise improves the circulation of blood, especially to the skin, clears the blood channels and maintains normal conditions of nerves. It also reduces congestion to the brain and other organs of the body.

Regular Physical activity works and medication for lots of people to minimize the signs of anxiety and depression. It is a most suitable and very effective method of Nature Anxiety management. Exercise could be increase mental health by managing brain with stress. Scientist research that people got daily healthy exercise were 25 % less likely to build depression or anxiety on the next 5 years.  But Some research has shown that exercise can result quickly to increase depressed mood in most people.

Deep breathing

 Deep breathing is the most effective methods of relaxation. You can do it either while sitting or lying down, with the nostrils and alternate nostrils. It is best to lean the right technique of deep breathing from the qualified person. If your technique is not correct, you may not have got benefits. You can practice deep breathing in morning on empty stomach, just before sleeping and if you feel exhausted, stressed or anxious during the day.

Abdominal breathing for 20 to 30 minutes daily will reduce anxiety and minimizing stress. Deep breathing improves the flow of oxygen to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a conditions of calmness.


 Research has shown insufficient sleep to be most significant contributors to anxiety problems, depression, and other psychiatric disorders. Sleep appears to be extremely important for emotional regulation and processing.

Sleeping for six to eight hours at night will restore the energy you have spent during the day. Regular practice of meditation, yoga and deep breathing can help you sleep better. It is very important you should sleep about two or three hours after dinner to ensure the meals are digested. Food habits and medicine can be reduce your sleep. Taking high fatty food may stay your stomach take much time to digest, as well as spicy food increase heartburn.

To get good sleep, reduce taking of highly fatty and spicy food, especially within dinner. Also stop drinking fluids before going to sleep.


 Several experiments have persuasively revealed that listening to soft music can relax your mind and hasten recovery during illness.


 Just like for all health problems, Nature cure lays special focus on diet. It is desirable to avoid adulterated and processed food as they increase the production of poisons in your body. These poisons contaminate the blood and so irritate and minimize efficiency of various organs of the body. Natural foods are preferable.

Avoid excess intake starch, protein and fat like oil, ghee, butter etc.  Because they adversely affect normal chemical processes in the body. Eat foods that rich in potassium, Calcium, magnesium, and iron. You should also avoid irritants such as condimental and spices, chilies, pickles, etc.

Your nature cure doctor may recommend fasting or a juice diet for a few days to be able to remove poisons from the body.

 Nature Anxiety management Treatments

 These treatments are effective for relaxation and soothing irritated nerves.

Neutral bath

 Lie down in a bathtub filled with water slightly cooler than the body temperature for 30 minutes to an hour. Neutral bath minimize the irritability of the nerves of your skin therefore, makes a calm and relaxed feeling.


 Nature Anxiety managementA whole body massage relaxes the tense muscular and nerves in the body. According to several scientific studies massage therapy increases serotonin levels, decreases circulating stress hormones, decreases amounts of substance P, improves sleep patterns, and improves a general sense of well-being. In short, massage therapy, with the treatment plan determined by a mental health professionals may help you.

Mud bath

 Use of mud on the body maybe once or twice a week relaxes the mind and Helps improve circulation and relax the muscles.

Warm bath

 Warm water bath before you go to bed will help you relax and sleep well. It raising your body temperature may help regulate mood and anxiety

Cold pack

 A cold pack provides good relaxation.   Put the pack on the back of your neck so that it covers the base of your spine up to the base of your skull. After about 15 minutes you’ll learn to feel relaxed and warm.


 Walking can be a great overall mood enhancer, and an amount of other benefits like improving the body release endorphins which could be the mood elevator.  It can also help stabilize mood. Walking bare foot on the snow or dew reduce congestion of the brain and results in relaxation.

Cold spinal bath

Nature Anxiety management Lie down in a tub partially filled with cold water in a manner that only the backbone touches the water. In addition to relaxation, cold spinal bath for thirty to forty five minutes each day also strengthens the nervous system.



Foot bath

 Alternate cold and hot foot bath is also a powerful solution to relaxation. Apply warm water on the feet for 3 minutes followed by cold water thirty seconds. Instead of pouring water, also you can immerse your foot in cold and hot water alternately for the similar duration.

Full wet sheet pack

 Wrap your body with a wet cloth dipped in cold water and cover it with a blanket. Keeping the full wet sheet pack for thirty to forty five minutes relaxes your body and mind.

 Cold water

 Science has proven that cold water is good Nature Anxiety management method. It containing more oxygen and oxygen is life promoting and healing. Cold water holds more oxygen than hot water. The ability of water to hold oxygen increases at lower temperatures. If you’ve ever had anxiety attacks or panic attack symptoms, you will often sense that you’ve got a difficult experience breathing. Cold water therapies increase the amount of oxygen in your blood and brain.

Allow a stream of cold water to fall around the entire body for two to three minutes. Cold water shower results in relaxation by soothing the nerves ending of the skin.

Tips for Nature Anxiety management

  1. Forget about past problems and situations and concentrate on the present.
  2. Learn to differentiate between real and irrational fears, and chase out the irrational fears from your mind.
  3. Be confident and confront your fears.
  4. Think positively and act courageously. Have faith in yourself.
  5. Concentrate on your interests first. Remember that no one else will protect your interest as well as you
  6. Develop new habits in dealing with stress. You can do this with discipline and practice.
  7. Learn how to say no. It takes courage to stand up for your principles.
  8. Take balanced diet and do regular exercises to maintain health because physical and emotional health are interlinked.
  9. Learn how to make decisions that suit you most and stick to them.
  10. Discuss the causes of your problems with family, friends and doctors.



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