Parent and child

Parent- Child Relations

The objective of parents should be to support children get responsible, mature individuals. However, father and mother should not forget their own requirements and interests in the procedure. They are not able to spend all their time following a child around, neither would that be desirable.

Parents must therefore, develop guidelines to control their interactions with their children. Such guidelines generally fit under the heading of discipline. They should support the child’s development, while keeping parent-child struggle to a minimum

Among the ways of discipline that one children psychologist recommends are the following


1          Parents should control the child’s environment to avoid unnecessary trouble. For example, a mother who allows her child to examine around in a bedroom full of things that should not be handled is inviting unwanted problems. Much better to clear away the objects or to restrict the child to a “safer” place.

2          Parents should provide children freedom to check out their environment and to consider responsibilities when they are ready. As soon as children can nourish or dress themselves, they should be allowed to do so. It might take longer, but it is greater for children to do such responsibilities themselves.

3          Parents should make a variation between feelings and actions. Children can study to control their activities. They are able to, for example, learn not to hurt people when they are mad. Instead, they should be taught to express such feelings in ways that are not harmful.

4          Parents should ensure that children know what they are allowed and not allowed to do. Such limitations should be reasonable and dependable.

Parents must be able to clarify why they set such limitations.

5          Parents should try to recognize their children’s feelings. When children are scared, helpless, angry, or hurt, they want their parents to understand. Parents can show they understand by putting the child’s emotions into their own words and showing them back to the child.

6          Children should be acknowledged for their attempts. Parents often motivate bad behavior without recognizing it. They ignore their children when they are good and punish them when they are bad. When that happens, the child knows that the best way to get attention is to misbehave. In such cases, punishment becomes a reward.







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