Treatment For Anemia

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Treatment For AnemiaTreatment For Anemia

Treatment For Anemia is worth the discussion as of result of the increasing number of anemia patients globally. As a matter of fact, anemia is usually caused by lack of iron in the body. Call it anemia deficiency if you like. Iron in the body is used to produce RBC (Red Blood Cells). This condition is quite rampant in women as a result of heavy menstrual bleeding. However, men and non-menstrual women who have this condition ought to undergo through a colon exam. This is to help them come up with cause of their chronic bleeding.

Lack of blood can be due either to the body not producing enough blood, or due to it losing a lot of blood. Not producing enough blood could be the result of some defect in the blood producing organs or, most commonly, because these blood-producing organs do not get enough raw materials. In other words, most people who are anemic suffer because their diets lack one or more of the nutrients needs for blood formation.

Most often, what is missing is iron and folic Acid. Another thing that causes nutritional anemia is that certain other foods which have Hydrates and Tannin, if present with iron containing foods in the intestine, can actually block the body’s ability to absorb this dietary Iron.

The body cannot work normally when anemic, and even in mild cases there is a noticeable change in how much a person can work as well as in their sense of well-being. In women especially, anemia can be dangerous, not only to women when they become pregnant, but also to the infant they bear.

Two main reasons account for the greater possibility women have of getting anemia. Firstly, the regular loss of blood that takes place with normal periods is a continuous drain on the body’s blood supply; if the lost blood is not replaced by the formation of new red blood cells, lack of red blood cells will take place. Secondly, pregnancy increases the needs of woman’s body, because she has to supply the needs of the new baby growing inside her womb. Such an increased need for new red blood cells cannot be met by diet alone, and pregnant women has to make use of the red blood cells stored in her body, if these reserves are low, anemia results.

Loss of blood can be caused by various diseases that are common tropical countries. If one is bitten by the infected mosquito malaria parasites get into one’s body. Once inside and destroy millions of red blood cells. Another parasites is a hookworm which lives in the human intestine and sucks the blood of its host to get food. Although each worm feeds heavy load of hookworms can cause a big loss of blood from person’s body. These hookworms get into the body from the soil through the soles of people who walk about barefoot.


 How Do I Know if I Have Anemia?

To establish whether you are anemic, the doctor will need some information in regard to your medical history treatment For Anemia. They will then carry out a physical exam and organize a blood test Treatment For Anemia.

For example you can clearly and confidently tell the doctors of the signs and symptoms you might have experienced. Give clear details about the family history, ethnic background, alcohol consumption history or cases, diet medications that you use among others. The doctor will use the information provided and the tests carried out to establish if you are anemic or not.

Besides confirming the diagnosis the blood tests also aid in pinpointing the primary condition. The test might entail the following;

  • Vitamin B12 Levels as well as folate vitamins required or the production of red blood cells.
  • Level of blood iron and level of serum ferritin which are the ideal signals of the total iron stores of your body
  • Complete blood count which establish the number the volume, size, number as well as hemoglobin content of the RBC
  • Reticulocyte count, bilirubin, plus other urine and blood tests to establish the speed at which your blood cells are made. They also determine whether you are suffering from hemolytic anemia a condition where the blood cells have low life span. However, rarely, do the doctors have to remove bone marrow sample to diagnose anemia.


What are the causes of anemia?

Basically, there are 3 distinct cause of anemia. They include;

  • Low production of the red blood cells
  • Loss of blood
  • Destruction of the red blood cells

Treatment For Anemia In most cases, the doctors across the globe prescribe the iron supplements for their patients who are suffering from iron deficiency. The iron supplements recommended has ferrous iron form which is absorbed easily by your body.

Cautions before taking the iron supplement

  •   Don’t take them if they are not prescribed to you
  •   Excessive consumption of iron supplements can be detrimental to your health.
  •   They should be kept out of children`s reach
  •   Avoid drug instructions
  •   Watch out for iron supplement side effects
  •   What are the symptoms

Symptoms of excess iron in the body are;

Iron supplement side effects

  •  Constipation
  •  Stomach pain
  •  Nausea
  •  Diarrhea among others

Apart from the iron supplements, treatment For Anemia can also be done using a diet loaded with iron for instance beans, whole grain products, seafood, nuts, red meat not to mention milk and processed foods.

Treatment For Anemia


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