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Important Weightlifting Safe guide you should understand

Weightlifting safe, Weightlifting is a safe sport if you respect the weights you’re handling and continue with the recommendations in this post. Safety is the responsibility of the both coaches and lifters.  if you receive casual about the way you lift, or attempt exercises for which your body is not properly prepared, you might do yourself serious harm..

Lets check Weightlifting safe instruction

Weightlifting safe guid

Weightlifting safe for Lifter

  • Don’t train alone, always training with friends or partner
  • Make sure you master each step before moving on to the next.
  • When change exercise or schedule, get advice from your coach
  • Keep to the schedule of exercises or the plans that the coach has drawn up for you
  • Don’t try to increased the weight without advice from your coach
  • Train at your own level and within your own capabilities. Don’t attempt to keep up with friends if they seem to be making progress faster than you
  • Always check the bar and its collars, make sure it is correctly and evenly loaded. Check all racks and other apparatus before using them.
  • Do not fool about during training. This is when most accidents happen. Concentrate, and be safety conscious at all times.
  • Take your Warm-up sessions before training really seriously. Failure to perform good flexibility exercises is the cause of many injuries


Weightlifting safe for coach

Even if you are new to weightlifting, you should understand the responsibilities of coaches and appreciate why they often urge caution.

  • Make sure that all the equipment is in good order. Teach the lifters to check the apparatus before use.
  • Check the lifters, personal kit and equipment. Make sure it is always clean and in good repair.
  • Never leave lifters unsupervised, and do not let them attempt weights near their limits too soon.
  • Teach all exercises and lifts carefully, and explain them to the lifters. Make sure that the aims of all training programmes are fully understood.
  • Encourage and motivate the lifters and control their progress by setting clearly attainable goals.
  • Remember that fatigue often comes before accidents.

Read More – PDF – USAW Weightlifting Safety Recommendations

Reference- Take up weightlifting -John lear

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