what is a gym

What is a Gym,Things to look for when choosing a Gym

 What is a Gym

what is a gym, Gym refers to facilities meant for indoor sports or exercise. Short for “gymnasium“, the word is a derivative of “gymnos”, which in Greek means naked. In the old Greece, it was assigned place for the male adolescence in the country, for activities such as physical education, studies or bathing. All these were traditionally performed naked.

what is a gym


Maintaining physical and mental fitness is very vital in our busy and stressful day to day activities. Gyms are attesting to be a great add on to help you keep up your exercise routine. Signing up with a good gym is a great way to keep in shape, active and also to live a healthy lifestyle. Reason because, we dwell in a highly competitive society where it is crucial to maintain our fitness for survival. Therefore, we are constantly anxious to perform our best. To accelerate our performance in every aspect of life it is vital that our health is always in its best form.

Most gyms these days now have main workouts which consist of weights like dumbbells, barbells and exercise machines. There is generally also a cardio section where all the cardiovascular exercise takes place consisting of treadmills, rowing machines etc. Many of these gyms equipped with the latest technology to meet your exact health needs. Good quality gymnasiums even provide personal trainers to some folks who are in need of extra ordinary support in achieving their health goals.

Some gymnasiums have also adapted the eastern meditation technique – Yoga for spiritual as well as emotional development. All of these facilities under one roof can only prove to be advantageous for you. Even child-care facilities are provided in the case post-pregnancy work out sessions.

Group exercise classes  also conducted in some gyms, these group classes  generally centered on aerobics, martial arts, kick boxing etc.

Are Gyms for everyone?

Yes, you don’t have to really be a fitness freak to hit the gym. You will find all kinds of people in a gymnasium – housewives trying to tone down, newbie trying to bulk up, models warming up for fashion shows and professional athletes. These people are like me and you who have realized the benefits of a gym connection. Gyms nowadays have websites that describe the range of services they offer. Most of these gym websites offer online memberships and if you wish to give it a try, then you can decide to sign up for two or three month.

And once you have become accustomed and regular gym user you will see the positive effect on your health and physical appearance. You can get your Stamina and muscle power from highly technologies set-up provided in a gym.

Even In your regular home and work environment, you find that your performance has excelled due to the well-designed work out sessions at the gym. There is a natural secretion of serotonin in our brain due to these effective work outs which ensure happiness to our minds.

Finally I think , now you can understand about what is a gym and things to look for when choosing a Gym. After all, a healthy mind needs a healthy body to function properly.



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