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What is stress ?Never Suffer From STRESS Again

What is stress

What is stress ? The word stress can be confusing because it is used in different ways. For Example, we might talk about the stresses of city living. By that we mean such factors as noise and traffic that cause us to feel strain and tension. Or we might say that a person is suffering from Stress. In this case, the word is used to mean the strain or tension itself.

Stress researchers use the word stressor when they refer to situation or things that cause stress.

Examples of stressors in a city might be rushing crowds, wailing sirens, traffic jams, and the like. The illness of a parent or a separation from one’s family can also be stressors.

Researchers say about what is stress to refer to the individual’s reaction to stressors. In this article we will use the word stress when we are talking about the body’s internal re-sponses to a stressful situation- to a stressor.

Negative Effects Of stress

what is stressYou are probably aware of the negative effects of stress. You feel bad; perhaps you get headaches and upset stomachs. Such unpleasant physical reactions can keep you from coping with stressor. For Example, Someone got a migraine headache two days before his final exam. As a result, he was not able to study as much as he should have. This person suffered from the negative effects of stress. His physical reactions to the stressor prevented him from doing what was necessary to adapt to it.

Positive effects of Stress

what is stressStress can have positive effects too. If you’ve ever watched any major sporting events, some players are under stress to do their best. They will have to “Get up” for the stressor – the match or game.

Stress can, then, helps people to meet a challenge. Think of a challenge in your life such as getting up the nerve to talk to someone you have wanted to meet for over a month. That anxious feeling could be just the push you need to make the first move.

Stress is often useful in pushing you to do your best. The trick is to develop the ability to use stress positively rather than to be defeated by it. By understanding what stress is you can minimize its harmful effects.

Causes of stress

To be alive is to experience stress. The stressors in modern life seem endless. They include everything, both inside and outside your body that challenges you to adapt either physically or emotionally. Some stressors clearly affect you physically. These include heat, cold, glare, pollution, and sudden or continued noise. Other stressors affect you psychologically. These include events or situations that bring out such emotions as a fear, anxiety, depression, anger, joy and love. A math class can make you anxious. A birthday party can make you happy. And you can become depressed from being lonely.

Stressors, then, are not necessarily bad. Many of the good things in life are stressors. Thus, an argument with parent is a stressor, but so is going out on a date. Feeling left out is a stressor, but so is being popular. Not having enough money is a stressor, but so is sudden wealth. A busy schedule that leaves little time for relaxation is stressor, but so are idleness and boredom. Hard physical work and strenuous exercise are both stressors. Driving in heavy traffic is a stressor, and so is watching a horror movie. All illnesses are stressors.

The important point is that stress comes in many forms. Whether the stressor is basically positive or negative, a challenge must be met.


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